Prof. dr. BHME Vinck

Associate professor Ghent University, Belgium
Founder and manager of the expertise center for tinnitus and hyperacusis “ON-GEHOORD”

"Tinnitus and hyperacusis are increasingly reported as auditory disabling symptoms by hearing health care providers. While these complaints were previously reported mainly among industrial workers, today this is increasingly the case with younger people who listen to (too) loud music (festivals, cinema, personal music players…). Because the need for preventive hearing health care has increased significantly in the last two decades, preventive and industrial audiology are important parts of the Audiology program at Ghent University. HearingCoach, who for many years has been a pioneer in preventive hearing healthcare, provides our students with training opportunities and tools so that they are well prepared to actively contribute to this fast-growing field.

The instruments developed by HearingCoach allow professionals to detect hearing damage at an early stage and to motivate patients to take care of their ears. For example, at ON-GEHOORD, our expertise center for Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, we use "OAE-Expert" to adequately counsel the patient and to indicate the relationship between hearing damage, hearing loss and the tinnitus complaint. Together with 'Age of Hearing' (calculation of hearing age) and 'HPD Compliance' (testing the proper functioning of hearing protectors) the ‘OAE Expert’ tool is very valuable, both diagnostically and therapeutically, and ensures that the diagnosis and aftercare of tinnitus and hyperacusis is lifted over the threshold of the 21st century.

Rob Shepheard

Consultant Audiologist
British Society of Audiology’s advisor on prevention of hearing Loss to NHS England
British Association for Performing Arts Medicine advisor on Audiology
Audiologist to Royal College of Music and Healthy Conservatoires Network

For more than 25 years as an audiologist I have researched into alternative measures to better prevent injury to our hearing health. It has been obvious that the traditional approach of audiometry used in isolation is in-effective and clear that there is a vital need for improvements in the procedures we utilize to test and conserve our auditory health.

By employing the HearingCoach tools in my work in motorsport, in industry and with musicians I recognized an immediate difference with how my clients understood the results of the health surveillance procedures and a change in their behaviour towards the issue of hearing health. When utilized in a clinical environment, patients have a greater understanding of their particular conditions which leads to achieving a greater success in their care pathway.

HearingCoach’s comprehensive range of digital solutions help bridge the gap between diagnostic clinical tests and the occupational health environment, where complex clinical data often fails to inform and motivate, resulting in missed opportunities.

Dr. Lantsoght Bruno

ENT specialist Belgium
Member organizing and scientific committee of Knopics

“The OAE Expert tool expands the overall diagnostic power and is of great value for differential diagnosis of hearing loss”


Professor Aaron Williamon

Head of the Centre for Performance Science,
Royal College of Music

The students and staff of the Royal College of Music rely on their hearing to maintain world-class performance. Conserving their hearing health is incredibly important to their art and careers.

The specialist consultations and innovative hearing conservation programmes provided by Anglian Hearing Healthcare, using the latest HearingCoach technologies, have helped our musicians better understand the effects of music-making on their hearing and to take action to protect this vital sense before hearing loss affects their practice.

De Wet Swanepoel

PhD Professor of audiology at University of Pretoria
Editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Audiology
Past-president International Society of Audiology

HearingCoach International, leading in the prevention of hearing loss due to noise and recreational sound exposure, has gone digital with its latest offering. Their product suite is a comprehensive package of digital tools to support clinicians, hearing care professionals and health and safety providers in prevention of hearing loss. These tools, including personal ‘biological’ hearing age, risk profiles and a proprietary otoacoustic emission approach for the early detection of noise induced hearing loss, offer valuable options in preventative care.

Occupational hearing loss prevention programs can employ the easy-to-use tools to raise awareness, encourage protective behaviour and track changes over time in employees exposed to noise at work.


Nancy Van Looveren

Audiologist – Tinnitus Specialist – Hearing Consultant – Speech and Language Therapist
HOORZORG Van Looveren - Antwerp
Expertise Centre for Hearing and Tinnitus

“If you can't see, you're separated from things. If you cannot hear, you are separated from the people.” Immanuel Kant. We believe that good hearing care should be self-evident and accessible to everyone. Our team of audiologists, tinnitus experts, hearing coaches, listening trainers and psychologists helps people with communication and hearing problems. Combining multiple insights and disciplines in one team ensures a multidisciplinary approach.

After more than 25 years of experience in hearing rehabilitation recognize that there is still a great need for an effective, preventative approach concerning hearing care in general healthcare in Belgium. Looking after your ears is unfortunately something you don't think about until there's a problem. HearingCoach offers a valuable program and professional support for hearing care professionals to change this.

The OAE expert is an easy-to-use tool to raise awareness, inform and motivate patients to take care of their ears. We use the HearingCoach software not only in preventative care, it is also a good instrument for diagnostic hearing research. Based on the test results, we can give appropriate advice and aftercare. In counseling settings e.g. for tinnitus, mild hearing loss or auditory processing problems, patients have a greater understanding of their hearing problems and feel more understood.